Almost all our flyers and post cards are made to exact specifications

Printing your design is easy just follow the steps below.  You can also use a local printer but they will need to re-sample from 72 to 300 DPI and put in the crop marks manually.


  1. Go to flyers page here

  2. Select Orientation = “Vertical” (for most graphics) and size 8.5” x 11”

    Then select the options you want for Paper Thickness and Paper Stock and click “Start Designing” button

  3. On the next page under “Use your complete design” click “Upload it”

  4. Under “Images” select “My Computer”

    and select the high resolution PNG file from the confirmation email

  5. When you select the image it should automatically upload and place on the screen, and show the message “The image resolution looks great” at the bottom.

    Make sure there are no works or essential images outside of the white dotted safety line

  6. (optional) press “Preview” to see a low resolution image of how it will print out like this:

    Then press “Next” to add a back side if you want (could be another KosherGraphics flyer sized design)

  7. Review design carefully (click “View Larger” to see larger sizes), check “I have reviewed and approved my design” and click “Next” button

  8. Choose quantity you want, add to cart and then complete checkout (if you have any problem with these steps please contact support)


Identical steps to “Flyers” above but use this page and choose 5.5x8.5” postcard size.