Details are included to help you understand if a specific hora’ah is applicable to your situation. The complete list is provided to raise awareness, not to state that everything said here is appropriate for all materials.

  • Put a B”H on each printed item.
    on a camp newspaper (Gan Israel Overnight Camp, Fenton Michigan) early 5730’s
    — from Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz, Chicago IL
    — similar account also heard about Rabbi S. Duchman, Colel Chabad
  • Make sure you don’t have Hashem’s name anywhere in your piece
    It’s a very serious halachic problem – it may be asur to send them.
  • The Rebbe’s name on printed material
    Rabbi Sholom Duchman (Colel Chabad) once submitted a paper to the Rebbe; the Rebbe noted that there was no mention of the “Meyased HaColel” (i.e. the Rebbeim)
    — from Rabbi Zalman Duchman, Roosevelt Island NY
  • Hebrew wording
    On a dinner invitation for Colel Chabad, the Rebbe asked why there was no Lashon Hakodesh
    — from Rabbi Zalman Duchman, Roosevelt Island NY
  • There should be a visible separation between boys and girls
    Tzivos Hashem flyers for California – the Rebbe asked that something be placed between the boy and the girl (they used the Tzivos Hashem logo)
    Rabbi Levitansky A”H in S. Monica told me that he once received his day camp flyer back from mazkirus with a big question mark on one of the pictures. It was a photo from some years back where boys and girls (under Bar/Bas Mitzvah) were seen playing together.
    — heard from Rabbi Yossi Turk, Cordoba Argentina
  • Accurate images
    When Rabbi Pape gave in images for the Moshiach Times, the Rebbe said that for children it is important that they see accurate images and not caricatures. The Rebbe added that it should be said that this is important for adults as well…
    — heard from Rabbi Mendel Hecht, Greenfield MA
  • Hair in images of married women<br,/>Regarding a stock image, non-Jewish woman, tznius clothing, in pose of married woman (holding child), obviously uncovered hair; a Rav said that it must be fixed as it is against halacha
    — Rabbi Mendel Greisman, Rogers AR
  • Three Shabbos Candles
    When portraying Shabbos candles, there should always be (at least?) three candles.
    — Nshei Chabad Newsletter (more precise source following IY”H)
  • Long Sleeves
    “I got a correction from the Rebbe on a line illustrated ad in our paper that had short sleeves.”
    — Rabbi Yisroel Rubin, Albany, NY