We put a lot of time and money into making the best possible graphics.  Following these terms will help us continue to provide you will the best possible product.

These terms and conditions are an agreement between KosherGraphics.com and you.

This Agreement sets forth the general terms and conditions of your use of the koshergraphics.com website and any of its products or services (collectively, "Website" or "Services").

1) Sharing Graphics / Downloading without text

You are not allowed to share any of our graphics to Canva.com or any other platform.

If you want more editing capabilities on a graphic please contact us and we could send you an SVG for additional cost, then you would be able to edit it with Adobe illustrator but you are NOT allowed to share the editable version.

2) Re-using Graphics without paying

Graphics are only allowed to be used for individual events e.x. an individual Chanukah Menorah lighting, a single Pesach seder, to advertise a specific Hebrew school etc.

You are NOT allowed to download a graphic without text, put the graphic into canva and then re-use the graphic the following year without paying.

You are allowed to save the graphic to your KosherGraphics account and then the edit the design every year and pay again.

3) Marketing emails

By registering an account or making an order you are allowing us to send you periodic marketing emails.  You will be able to opt-out of these emails if you wish.